Why hello!

I love talking, but in this sense, i love typing. I like to express my self with words. I talk a lot and I am very random.

This here is just an introduction to my first blog in wordpress. So far, i like WordPress. So, I welcome myself. haha.


So the latest news is about the balloon boy. I kinda feel bad for him. He is such a cutie as well. Poor kid has to deal with his father. WAIT—I actually feel bad for the guy as well.. I mean what if he is telling the truth. Everyone is like cursing the dude, but really, what IF he ACTUALLY did not do that for publicity.

Really, its just sad to see someone would have that low of a life to do such thing.

Oh, and i read something about how that could effect the child’s future, and how he could become depressed. That bugs me. Honestly, we need to stop being such babies!! Seriously! Okay thats a whole new topic to get into. I wont go there for now.

My first. comments  would be nice. Appreciate it.


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